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Memehir Girma Wondimu • vcd 19

Category: Education
Author: KinfeMicheal7
Published (on YouTube): 2012-11-15
Published (here): 2014-10-31
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"ብዙዎች ለክርስቶስ መስቀል ጠላቶቹ ሆነው ይመላለሳሉና፤ ብዙ ጊዜ ስለ እነርሱ አልኋችሁ፥ አሁንም እንኳ እያለቀስሁ እላለሁ። መጨረሻቸው ጥፋት ነው፥ ሆዳቸው አምላካቸው ነው፥ ክብራቸው በነውራቸው ነው፥ አሳባቸው ምድራዊ ነው።" ወደ ፊልጵስዩስ ሰዎች ፥ምዕራፍ 3 ቁር 18 - 19 "የመስቀሉ ቃል ለሚጠፉት ሞኝነት፥ ለእኛ ለምንድን ግን የእግዚአብሔር ኃይል ነውና።" 1ኛ ወደ ቆሮንቶስ ሰዎች ፥ምዕራፍ 1 ቁር 18 "ንቁ፥ በሃይማኖት ቁሙ፥ ጎልምሱ ጠንክሩ።" -- 1ኛ ወደ ቆሮንቶስ ሰዎች ምዕራፍ 16 ቁር 13 watch all memhir Girma's video here:

Video duration: 130 min.
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Comments on «Memehir Girma Wondimu • vcd 19»:

ethiopiaforchrisable on 2013-04-10
There are and there ...
There are and there will be thousands of Religions who do miracles just to mention our pentecostal belivers do castout demons and pray for the sick at least since 1954 which most orthodox belivers consider this a cult now memher Girma is casting out demlns in the name of ... are both denominations practice supported by the word of God ? If not we need proof from the bible so we can wolk with open eyes through the word of God. Have the best

Dagem Golla on 2013-04-10
Those people who ...
Those people who has disliked this,and any of the videos.Most likely you have the devil in you.for you are against the truth.Try hard to see with a clear mind and an open heart.pray pray pray pray for god to help you see what is truth,and what is not.God bless you all...

ethiopiaforchrisable on 2013-04-10
Is there any one ...
Is there any one who can provide us biblical verse about virgin Mary's spritual autority befor she die and after she die. This will save millions from error. Thx

Dagem Golla on 2013-04-10
fact fact fact 100 ...
fact fact fact 100%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%...

Kibrom Gebrestatios on 2013-04-07
Aba fetari ...
Aba fetari yitbiqote--- I wish long live for u --God bless u.

Darios Girma on 2013-04-05
Dont worry you will ...
Dont worry you will have chance to get cure when the time come

ashenafi kiros on 2013-04-01
Now i am sure that ...
Now i am sure that GOD love ETHIOPIA. PRAISE THE LORD KING OF THE KING! This is the time to heal and fight our worst enemy , Satan and his soldiers . please give me the weekly program of Memher Girma so that i will come to Addis from Mekelle and follow the Healing program.

ethiopiaforchrisable on 2013-03-31
Jesus paid the full ...
Jesus paid the full price of sin for those only accept him as their only Lord and saviour and beleve that he is their holiness. EPHESIANS 2:8 to 9 John 14:6. Just from the famous bible fact about Ethiopia do you know the first Ethiopian who went to Jerusalem belives in Jesus as the son of God and recive him as his savior and BAPTIZED affer he was a full grown person ( the minster of Finance for the ethiopian Queen ) who went to worship God according to the old testament.

ethiopiaforchrisable on 2013-03-31
I wish on this kind ...
I wish on this kind of gathering Jesus was preached! The Gospel was preached ! As all we know on the bibel one of the miracles is Jesus raise Alazar after he was 3 days in the grave how ever Alazar is dead again and he will raise at God's judgement day.Today the same thing could happen as it was in Alazare's life the main thing at Gods judgement day where do we spent eternity ? If we think nobody knows about that I have a glood news for you Jesus did for us so we can be sure about our eternity.

Mmekonen12 on 2013-03-23
I believe Devil ...
I believe Devil always screaming, begging, and irritated byTsibel(Holy water) and Holly Cross. I never heard devil insulting any Kidusanne in front of the Church or Cross. How dare he was to said that in front of the cross and the Church.

amelework haile on 2013-03-17
What is surprising ...
What is surprising is that ,the devil talk inside her.Don't you know spirit controlled your body?

Mmekonen12 on 2013-03-09
I don't trust this ...
I don't trust this woman monk myself. Specially the word she said at the end of the tape. It is still shocking me. Can you tell me what do you feel when you heard that word or you didn't pay attention for it?

Mmekonen12 on 2013-03-09
Selam. Don't rush ...
Selam. Don't rush to judge people. I don't think Hiet Michael sounds like menafik. I just gave him a constructive feed back.

Mmekonen12 on 2013-03-09
Thank you for your ...
Thank you for your suggestion but, I can't bear to hear this kind of insults about any Kidussan.

Mequanint Tegegne on 2013-03-09
are you menafik ? ...
are you menafik ?wolf

2upeace2 on 2013-03-08
Dear, please do not ...
Dear, please do not fall prey to the devil trap prematurely. I humbly suggest you do try to watch the VCDs with spiritual discernment so as not to be labelled as ''religious fanatic.''

Mmekonen12 on 2013-03-05
ክንፈ ሚካኤል በመጀመሪያ ...
ክንፈ ሚካኤል በመጀመሪያ ለመማሪያ ወይም ተዐምር ናቸው ብለህ ፖስት ለምታደርጋቸዉ የቪዲዬ ክሊፓች አመሠግንሀለሁ ሆኖም በሴቲቱ መነኩሴ ያደረ እርኩስ መንፈስ ተክለሀይማኖትን ሲያንቇሽሽ በመስማቴ ሁለተኛ ቪዲዮዉን ላልመለከት ቃል ገብቻለሁ እንዴት ደፋር ቢሆን ነዉ በቤተክርስትያን ፊት ተክለሀይማኖትን የሚሳደበው ድርጊቱ በጣም አሣዝኖኛል ፖስት ስታደርግ እያረምክ አውጣ ለነፍሳችን ምግብ የሚሆነን እንጂ የሀይማኖቴን ክብር የሚነካ ነገር ከሴቲቱ ሆነ ከአጋንንት መስማትን አልፈልግም ወስብሀት ለእግዚያብሔር አምላካችን ተዋህዶን እና አገራችንን ይባርክ እህተ ሚካኤል

gfassil on 2013-02-26
Believe it.
Believe it.

leyuGSA on 2013-02-24
@ lani lin, how can ...
@ lani lin, how can u say we are fools all i can say those who call others fools they are the ones who are fools. may God be with in your little mind. this a true statement which i have witnessed in all parts of ethiopia, etoc live long.. God be with our fathers in our churches

alex josh on 2013-02-22
first off all ...
first off all ethiopians are not fool they care less about money, they care about their soul. there is a life after death you probebly you dont know about that. dont be fool the time is coming closer go and confusse your sin, and one more thing if you beliving science go and ask them to live forever

Mimity Tesfaye on 2013-02-21
†♥†ለመምህር ግርማ እረጅም ...
†♥†ለመምህር ግርማ እረጅም እድሜን እግዚያብሔር ይስጥልን .... አንተንም KinfeMicheal7 ተከታትልህ ስለምታቀርብልን ከልብ አመሰግናለው ስላም ፍቅር ለህዝበ ክርስቲያን ይሁን አሜን†♥†... !!!

Dagem Golla on 2013-02-19
bro is the beast in ...
bro is the beast in us that get's us to think that way. its 100% fact.This is the work of the LORD Almighty...

wend464 on 2013-02-08
Exorcism- this is ...
Exorcism- this is God miracle happening in Ethiopian orthodox church. the demon is talking about what he did to the people, he tells so many secret...does this help a bit?

Betelhem Baynesagn on 2013-02-07
i hope memehir he ...
i hope memehir he will come to bhraian i realy wont hem he come